What to do when things go wrong

Despite your best efforts, your placement has turned into a disaster!  What should you do?

Always consult the member of staff responsible for placement activity in your institution IMMEDIATELY – either directly or via a Personal Tutor.  Don’t just stop going or pretend you’ve got a stomach ache for three weeks!

If the problem relates to animal welfare or health and safety, this must be resolved straight away and may require some form of action.  Talk to your Placement Coordinator straight away.

If the problem is related to personal interaction, timetable or activities, you could try to resolve the issues yourself by asking for feedback, but it may be a good idea to keep your Placement Coordinator in the loop.  Ask yourself some searching questions – have you been giving your best?  If it’s a useful placement but you just don’t like it, try to make it a learning opportunity.  Reflect on the placement overall – do they have good systems?  Is it impersonal?  Sometimes you get to demonstrate strength of character by sticking with something which you don’t particularly like if it’s useful experience.

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